Affordable Housing As an Incubator

for Unleashing Human Potential

Our investment strategy starts with understanding that disrupting systemic inequity in affordable housing is a significantly profitable and even more impactful investment. Our impact fund will innovate affordable housing and use it as an incubator for unleashing the latent human potential in a way that will increase the monetary and social equity waiting to bloom in underserved communities in high growth markets. We do this by buying poorly managed and dilapidated affordable housing in underserved communities in high growth markets, bringing them to full equity and cash flow, and partnering with the most innovative companies to provide preventative healthcare, education, and economic opportunities of our residents.

The Path To Equity

Our fund is built on the bedrock of the creed of this nation, that all men are created equal. This means that the most profitable investment we can make is in the equity of our underserved community. With black people in this country earning $0.51 for every $1 white people earn and holding $0.10 in wealth for every $1 dollar. We see a moral and strategic imperative to unleash the full potential and capacity of the marginalized. That is why at Colossus Group LP, we are forging a different path forward. One that focuses on investing in underserved communities to provide access to housing, health, community, education, and economic stability necessary to make the fruit of this creed a reality for all humans.

Our Areas of Investment


Access to Foods
Community Safety
Environmental Conditions
Quality of Housing

Health Care

Access to Health Care
Access to Primary Care
Health Literacy


Civic Participation
Social Cohesion


Early Childhood Education
Continued Education
Course Graduation
Language and Literacy

Economic Stability

Food Security
Housing Stability
Income Stability

A Solution For Our Time

We are living in an unprecedented time with a never before seen call to action for equity. This call is our funds calling and provides us all an opportunity to invest in the unrealized equity of the marginalized and provide the upgrade to their experience necessary for them to actualize their potential. We believe the best way to realize these gains to invest in the vision of affordable housing as an incubator for unrealized human potential. They have great value that has been overlooked for far too long. A value that will be unleashed into our world when their tenacity meets equal opportunity.

Profit and Health

Research shows that the biggest key to actualizing the fullest potential of our bodies and minds comes from investing in the environments in which we live and the connections we have with others. This is why we believe that by innovative impactful investing in the vision of affordable housing as an incubator for unleashing the human potential of our residents of our communities we can also unleash huge profits for our Limited Partners

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